Best Weed Killer: Non-Selective and Selective Herbicides

Best weed killer – the eternal argument.  Having a garden at home can be a bit difficult to maintain best weed killersometimes because of weeds. These are toxic plants that often grow unexpectedly in the garden. They sap nutrients from the soil and prevent fruit bearing or flowering plants from growing.


Normally, weeds emit foul smell that seems to serve as breeding grounds for pests. Weeds multiply so fast and can totally destroy the field if left unchecked. It is imperative to have a weed killer for any ground maintenance routine.


The summer and spring months could bring upon a lot of unwanted weeds around yearned vegetation, which include aquatic settings and cropland areas. Selecting the right weed killer for certain application will ensure deep and long term weed control. Herbicides are used to kill weeds or any other unwanted plants. They interfere the growth of weeds and are at times plant hormone imitations.


Best Weed Killer:  Non-Selective Herbicides


Non-selective herbicides can be best used on areas submerged with the most unrelenting weeds. The active ingredients have been exclusively formulated to kill the toughest weeds and to avoid new weeds from manifesting for a long time period. Non selective herbicides may be the best weed killer if you have to take off weeds in locations like brick paths, fence rows, ditches, patios, railroad tracks and parking lots.


Some products only work when sprayed directly on plants while others must be soaked into the soil to prevent regrowth thoroughly.


Best Weed Killer:  Selective Herbicides


For grassy areas, selective herbicides can be the best weed killer. This kind of herbicide was formulated to fight broadleaf weeds in ornamental turf and lawn without hurting the vegetation that surrounds it. Selective herbicides are usually used against weeds such as Johnsongrass, Dandelion, Primrose, Peppergrass, Ground Ivy, Poison Ivy, Ragweed, Morning Glory and Ragweed.


Common Best Weed Killer Ingredients


The best weed killers usually contain ingredients like 2,4-D/2,4-D salts, bromacil, glyphosate, atrazine, endothall, alachlor, diquate dibromide, MSMA and MCPP/2,4-DP/2,4-D. All these ingredients are what make herbicides effective in killing weeds and prevent them from coming back for a long period of time. Some chemical herbicides though are not promoted for use in an organic garden.


Although each gardener has their own beliefs, methods and techniques as to how gardening must be approached, there seems to be a broad consensus – weeds are bad! Great efforts are always put on gardens to stop weeds.


Killing weeds with the best weed killer is important as once you let them stay in your garden or lawn, they will only cause problems to your plants. As possible, pick the appropriate herbicide. Know what your particular needs are and then see if non-selective herbicide is what you need or could be selective herbicide.


Defensive Measures against Pesky Weeds


You should keep your garden soil in good condition all the time as the healthier it is, the better your chance of preventing weeds before they actually showed up in your garden. Healthy soil also promotes healthier plants. One of the best things that you can do to keep the soil and plants healthy is to use an excellent fertilizer. Prevent mowing or watering your yard too after applying such weed control product. As always, keep kids and pets away when using pesticides or chemicals in gardening.

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Q4 Plus Herbicide – Really the Holy Grail of Crabgrass and Weed Control?

Q4 Plus Herbicide – I’ve had a lot of people asking if it’s really everything it’s made out to be?  Will it really kill crab grass, nutsedge, foxtail and broadleaf weeds?  Not to spoil the story, but the short answer is YES!  This product is nothing short of amazing.  Most homeowners think that they need four different chemicals to do everything that this Q4 Plus Herbicide does, but Q4 Plus Herbicidethe fact of the matter is that Q4 Plus Herbicide is a SELECTIVE herbicide that WILL kill and control crabgrass and all kind of broadleaf weeds, PLUS foxtail and YELLOW NUTSEDGE!

The days of multiple applications of different chemicals, stressing your lawn all the while may finally be over for you.  Instead of spot treating the broadleaf weeds with Roundup, or some other type of Glyphosate product, you can simply use Q4 Plus Herbicide on your entire lawn and know that in addition to the crabgrass, foxtail and nutsedge, you’ll kill all the other weeds.

Q4 Plus Herbicide – True Yellow Nutsedge Control?

The key to killing Yellow Nutsedge is a chemical called Sulfentrazone.  Q4 Plus Herbicide contains sulfentrazone giving it the power to kill yellow nutsedge quicker than anything else.  It has precision killing power because of how the chemicals are mixed, i.e. in precise amounts.  You’ve got your 2,4-D and Dicamba.  With this combination the number of broadleaf weeds that will die goes up exponentially.  Plus the Q4 Plus Herbicide active ingredients allow for both systemic and contact killing power!

This is a new variety of herbicide, something I’ve been waiting to see.  This truly takes killing weeds to the next level.  You get more control with less usage, which is exactly what you should want.  No one wants to apply four different chemicals to treat four different kind of lawn pests.  You can thank the golf courses out there for driving the chemical companies into coming out with these combo products.  Normally the chemical companies think just the opposite, they want you to purchase many different chemicals, because it’s job security for them.  PBI/Gordon, which has always been a great company for both professional lawn care chemicals, and giving homeowner’s access to high end turf chemicals seems to be the first to get this trend of combo products underway.


Q4 Plus Herbicide is not entirely a brand new product from PBI Gordon – they did come out with a Q4 Herbicide, minus the plus (pardon the arithmetic wording), however in the Plus they Q4 Plus with Quincloracput a ton more quinclorac in there, which is the active ingredient that takes the crabgrass out.  You are probably already familiar with some great quinclorac products like Drive 75 DF (from BASF, but no longer manufactured), Drive XLR8 (from BASF, and replaced Drive 75).  VERY EXPENSIVE PRODUCTS.  You can get generic quinclorac, sometimes called Quinstar, but all you’re going to kill is crabgrass!  Q4 Plus Herbicide is about the same cost, if not less expensive and it’s going to do everything quinclorac does PLUS (get it, plus?) MORE!

Q4 Plus Herbicide – More Knockout Power on Broadleaf Weeds

If you’ve ever used Trimc Plus then you know how well this type of chemical works.  Trimec Plus, Q4 Plus Herbicide contains MSMA, offering a single product control option for grassy and broadleaf weeds with the bonus of taking out the Yellow Nutsedge and foxtail weeds.  The less time you have to spend applying chemicals, and the less money you have to spend on chemicals translates to time and money for you – save time and money with Q4 Plus Herbicide and get great looking turf!  Q4 Plus Herbicide is designed to be used on bluegrasses and both perennial and annual ryegrass.  You can apply it on fescus and even bermudagrass!

Q4 Plus Herbicide can be applied even if you think the rain is coming – just give it about a six hour head start before the rain comes, and you’ll be good to go.  The other thing to keep in mind is after application you’ll want to wait for about four weeks before re-seeding.  You will see very fast activity, even though it is a selective weed killer you’ll see the broadleaf weeds dying quickly.  The crabgrass may take a bit longer, but it will die.  Try to make sure the outside temperatures are below ninety degrees when applying, as you do not want to stress your turf.

 How much does Q4 Plus Herbicide Cost?

Fair question, and the short answer is it depends on where you get it from.  Buy Wholesale Cheap usually has the “Lowest Prices in the Known Universe”, and at the time of this writing, that’s true for sure for Q4 Plus Herbicide.  Right now it’s at $44.99 for a quart.  Please check the website for the most up-to-date pricing.

Interesting enough, Amazon, usually a place to find a good price, has determined that Q4 Plus Herbicide is a “Restricted Use Product”, which usually means that you have to have a license to purchase or use this product in certain states.  In part they are correct, as New York and Massachusetts do have this product listed as restricted.  Therefore, if you live in MA or NY, you cannot legally buy, use or even possess this chemical.  For everyone else, it’s no problem.  Amazon has totally removed Q4 Plus from it’s catalog, which is very strange, as most herbicides have some sort of state restriction with NY being the worst state to try and buy effective herbicides in.  It makes us wonder if the days of being able to buy professional herbicides on Amazon are coming to a close.

Talpirid Available for Sale Again

We had halted the sale of Talpirid Mole Bait due to the high temperatures across the US, and the fact that Talpirid will melt when exposed to 115 degree temperatures for more than a few hours.  Our melting incidents were way too high, so we stopped shipping.

It’s still warm in parts of the country, but many of you have been begging us to open up ordering again, so we’ve looked at the current temperatures across the country and will give it a try.  Thanks for your patience and understanding waiting for the severe heat wave to pass.


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