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Herbicide Sedge

Yellow Nutsedge

The Dreaded Yellow Nutsedge Plant

OK, you think you’ve got some nutsedge in your lawn and you’re looking for how to get rid of it?  If you don’t have any nutsedge, you can head over to the break room and thank your lucky stars.

There are several types of nutsedge weeds.  These nutsedge weeds are going to come back year after year, so it’s best to deal with them correctly if you want to be done with them.  They are real tricky because they look so much like grass, but if you’re taking good care of your lawn and you get a bunch of these little terrorists in there, you won’t have any problem seeing how much they stick out and ruin the appearance of your lawn.  The two most common nutsedges are purple and yellow.  Plus, here’s the thing, if you don’t treat these weeds wit the proper herbicide, they are just going to laugh in your face and be worse next year.  You don’t want that.

It’s going to be about July/August in the upper Midwest when you are going to see this weed at it’s worst.  The more rain you’re getting that season, it’s going to make this weed problem even worse.

OK, so how do we kill this devious little weed?  Normally you would think, “Hey, it’s green, let’s grab the RoundUp.”, and you’d be wrong.  This plant, while green, is a member of the sedge family, and what that means is that you are going to need a very specific herbicide to kill this sucker.  What you need to understand is that there is really only one product out there that will kill this family of weeds.  It used to be called Manage, but another company bought it and renamed it Sedgehammer.

Normally you’d not be able to get your hands on the “good stuff”, you know, the secret Sedgehammer hebicide I just spilled the beans to you on, and the professionals charge a lot of money to put Sedgehammer on your grass for you, because they think you don’t know about it.  Luckily, the winds are changing and these special sedge herbicides can be purchased online now.

We’ve already done the heavy lifting for you and found the best place to get Sedgehammer at the lowest price.  If you have a “normal” sized lawn of a 1,000 square feet or so then use this link for Sedgehammer/Manage Wp 1000Sq.  If you need to treat an acre, then get the SEDGEHAMMER/MANAGE1.3 OZ(ACRE).

For all the devastation this stuff causes to nutsedge weeds, you’ll find it pretty easy on the pets and children.  Once the spray dries you can send the ankle biters, and your dog out t0 play on the newly treated, soon to be sedge free, lawn.

You can also plan on doing this for a few years because of it’s root structure, blah, blah, blah, but you eventually will be able to control this weed now that you know about the right herbicide.

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