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Why do serial killers say they cant control themselves?

Some serial killers im looking up for a project say " i couldn't help myself" or " the urge just got stronger and stronger" and im wondering why that is. In your opinion is it genetic or environmental? Would therapy or drugs have helped at all and if it is genetic does that mean their children are at risk? thank you
Ezra ... whoa , and J H i know what you mean lol

Im just an A2 psychology student but this topic interests me so this is what i have concluded;

Its quite difficult to prove that becoming a serial killer is genetic, althought psychological studies have shown that some killer have a different chemical balance in certain parts of their brain effecting their behaviour.

Otherwise i would say serial killing is a balance of both genetic and environmental as some personality traits can be catergorized as being able to kill ie- lack of emotions or understand of others. etc...
But mainly environmental as from a young age we are shown violence and anger for example you play games where you kill people -- they die then the next time their back again. Therefore influencing our thoughts about death from a early age and then as you get older death becomes an everyday thing in you life from the news etc.. possibly becoming a 'norm' to a small percentage of people.

Serial Killers have also been known to say they experience sexual pleasure from it. (weird)
Most serial killers come from a suppressed background or abuse as a child. Killing is a form of empowerment for them sometimes.
Hence their being a type of man/women being killed.

Therapy or Drugs? It is a possibility, like for the chemical imbalance, if found at an early stage... erm... i dont think their children would be in the risk of becoming a serial killer due to genetics because some children dont even know their parent was/is one. If a child of a serial killer does become one its because of their influences and environment brought up in.

It is possible for anyone to become a serial killer is socialised or subjected to an environment with violence/ death being acceptable.

Sorry its so long winded:( & hope it makes sense
Hope this helps. :)

The Killers - Mr. Brightside (plus video clip & lyrics)

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