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Lawn Broadleaf

Trimec Classic Broadleaf Herbicide 1 Gallon Weed Lawn Turf Broad Leaf Killer
Trimec Classic Broadleaf Herbicide 1 Gallon Weed Lawn Turf Broad Leaf Killer
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Moss! how can a thatch the lawn without spreading moss? Also...?

I bought weed be gone, though I see now that it is "for broadleaf" weeds.My plan was to rake and thatch the lawn, spray w weed killer, wait couple of weeks and then seed/fertilize. But, I'm afraid I'll spread the moss. I didn't realize how much moss I really have - until this morning when I set up to work on the lawn. Any suggestions? thank you very much

You will not spread the moss by raking but you also nee to know that moss is a sign of excess water and excess shade and other poor soil conditions. Herbicides and chemical control have only short term effects on moss. If herbicide use is not accompanied by proper environmental and physical controls, then the initial effect will be bare dirt or mud. Mosses will eventually return because the lawn deficiency, which led to the moss invasion, still exists. When herbicides alone are used, the symptoms, not the cause, of a weedy lawn are being treated. Furthermore, many of the common herbicides, such as glyphosate, are ineffective against mosses, at least in some conditions.Therefore, if you perceive of the moss in your lawn as a problem, improve conditions for growing grass, rather than using herbicides. You need to figure out why you have moss first then you can combat the moss. These links may help you.




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