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Plus Herbicide

2 Packs of Sedgehammer PLUS Turf Herbicide 5 Halosulfuron NEW Formulation
2 Packs of Sedgehammer PLUS Turf Herbicide 5 Halosulfuron NEW Formulation
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How do we educate the public about Ethanol?

Ethanol is an awful solution to weaning ourselves off oil. On average, it is less fuel efficient than gasoline, produces the same amount of carbon emissions, and requires more energy to produce then it gives off (i.e. - planting, harvesting, creation takes anywhere from 1.4 to 5 gallons of ethanol to produce 1 gallon of ethanol). Not to mention the massive amount of land that must be cultivated (destruction of habitat) and the massive nitrogen, pesticides, herbicides, etc., used in it's production. Plus all the subsidies given to producers which could be spent on other environmental improvements. How do we educate the public to fight for real solutions to our transportation energy needs?

I was ready to answer this question completely differently by the headline that was posted, but I agree completely with the fact that ethanol is purely inefficint. The only thing I have a problem with is the facts you stated. When using petroleum to make gasonline it is a 3:1 ratio of 3 gallons of gas made by using 1. With ethanol the ration is 1.3:1 where 1.3 gallons of gas are made using 1 gallon, which is theoretically pointless waste when it comes to efficiency. However there are other means out there using the same system as ethanol that are much more highly efficient. Sugar cane can be used to make a ration of 8 gallons made to 1 gallon used (8:1) and it can be grown in a variety of environments (unlike corn) and it can be grown in a mucher denser pattern than corn (no need for rows). Either way I agree, and just keep telling as many people as you can who bring up this topic. Best of luck

Injection Methods for Controlling Albizia

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